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Edison Hill

Are You an ASS?

If you’re interviewing technical staff you would expect that people who apply for the job are up to it.  However, it’s not unusual for a candidate to fall far short of the technical skills required for the job – and the employer doesn’t discover this until the interview.

As Samuel L. Jackson commented “Don’t assume; you only make an ASS out of U and ME.”  If you don’t want to be an ASS – check out your candidate’s competency in the required technical applications.

Of course, you may think that the agency have matched the candidate against your role profile.  Research reveals that in the majority of cases the candidates’ CVs are keyword matched and verbally screened by phone.  This means that anyone who has read the ‘dummies guide to …’ and has the gift of the gab can fool the agency staff.  This is particularly true where the interviewer isn’t technically qualified themselves and are unable to check accurately.

If you’re now calculating the cost of in-house technical testing for all candidates – hold on a moment.  There is such a thing as a technical assessment – and these can produce a very comprehensive profile of each candidate’s knowledge and skill areas.

Technical assessments in the 21st century are slick and thorough in determining if an individual possess a particular skill, or group of skills (and at what level). Everyone whose CV who drops into your inbox will be technically able to perform the role you require. No more hours wasted  interviewing that could be far better spent than politely going through the motions with an individual who is either in way over their head, or way over qualified,

Is it too much to ask? We don’t think so. In fact, it’s the least you should expect for a service that can sometimes be describes as money for old rope…

So the next time you’re in a position to arrange an interview with a candidate from a fee paying provider of CVs make sure that a copy of the technical assessment is included before committing an hour of your precious time.

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