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Are you big enough to tender?

If you’re running a small business you have lots of advantages, but there are two sides to every coin!

As a small business owner you may have:

  • More flexibility
  • The ability to act quickly when needed because of a much shorter decision making chain
  • Less resistant to taking risks than your bigger competitors

However, when it comes to submitting tenders for technical contracts you also need to have:

  • Patience – the paperwork can be enormous
  • Confidence in your ability to deliver.

This last issue is often the sole reason smaller technical businesses DON’T submit tenders; they’re worried that winning the contract will require additional staff (and all the associated equipment for these people to function) – and that they simply won’t be able to recruit the right people fast enough.

This is where the critical issue is forward planning.

What would it be like if you had a bank of well-qualified, tested and pre-interviewed staff ready to pick up the project?

If you’re wondering how this might be possible without committing your company to future salaries without knowing if you’re actually going to need them, here are some solutions we’ve provided to other clients.

1 Use contract staff that you can employ when you need them for as long as you need them.

2 Have tested, pre-interviewed staff ready to be engaged without any commitment until the project is awarded.

If you’ve had bad experiences with contract staff before or have heard horror stories about low levels of competency – don’t worry, there’s a way to solve that problem.

If you can’t see how any candidate will stay around long enough to see whether or not you’ve been successful – rest assured there is a solution.

Because we specialise in only offering candidates who have completed the required technical tests – at the appropriate levels – and we interview every candidate prior to them being submitted for interview, we have the right people at our fingertips.  This applies whether they’re contractors or looking for permanent positions.

We can offer a back-up service from the moment you decide to tender.  This means that we can help with the sales pitch by providing profiles of qualified technology professionals.  You get the assurance that you’ll have the staff you need, suitably qualified from the moment your project gets on the starting blocks right to the finishing line.

With the credibility this gives your company – plus all the other advantages you already have it’s time to tackle some of those bigger projects.

If you want to know more about how this works please give us a call on 020 3762 2020.

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