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Edison Hill

Are Your Candidates Wasting Your Time?

When you embark on recruitment for technical roles it should be pretty straightforward – you specify the technical skills they need and then interview the people who have those skills.  Wrong!

If you’ve ever been through this process you’ll know that what people say they can do doesn’t always turn out to be fact.  They may have ‘some knowledge’ of a technical discipline, but when it comes to the crunch, they aren’t good enough.  In our experience most companies interview dozens of people before finding one that is technically up to scratch and a good fit for their organisation.

What does that cost?  How much is an hour of your manager’s time really worth?  Not just how much they’re paid, but the real cost – their support services, the cost of the people they manage, their office space, etc.  The final figure can be quite frightening – and if your management time costs the company >£500 per hour and you interview 10 candidates – 8 of whom are not even close to being suitable – that’s cost the company £4,000; double it if there are two managers interviewing.

It’s a sad truth that the Pareto Principle applies when you’re recruiting technical staff.  20% of the candidates are superstars, and the remaining 80% are on a spectrum that ranges from Ok-ish to hopeless.  However, there are better things to do with valuable management time than to spend it sifting through the no-hopers.  You could be getting your current team motivated, achieving goals, managing projects and getting results.

Most of the time recruitment is somewhere at the bottom of the heap when it comes to priorities, but when new technology requires a different skill-set or a new project launches that requires specific technical expertise it suddenly rises to the top of the priority list.

What are your options?

  • Write a very clear brief and send it out to a few specialist IT recruiters
  • Create an ad and put it in the publications you think your ideal candidates will read – and online, of course.
  • Search the online job boards for likely candidates and invite them for interview
  • Talk to an agency that will guarantee that you will ONLY get candidates that are technically qualified at the right level and are a good fit.

That last one will save you hours of recruitment time AND remove the time-wasters from the equation altogether.  Better still you can design the technical test to ensure the candidates you interview are not just a close-enough match, but will be a perfect fit skills-wise.

Does it sound like an impossible dream?  It’s not.  You can get to interview those two or three perfect candidates – and nobody else – and save your company thousands of pounds.  Give us a call on 0203 762 2021!

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