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Edison Hill

Are your technical team marketing the business?

That might seem a controversial statement – surely the technical team are there to look after the technology; they’re not part of the marketing department – or are they?

Of course, priority 1 is their key role responsibilities – but they could be useful to the business development in a few ways.


How enthusiastic are your technical staff about the business?  Do they enjoy working for the company?  What kind of reply might they make if an acquaintance or friend asks ‘What’s it like working for …?’

This applies to all your staff; if they’re not responding positively it indicates that there is something wrong with either the recruitment process (you’ve got the wrong people in place) or the management (they’re not creating a great working environment).


Technical people know other technical people.  When you’re looking for new recruits to the tech team, ask your existing team.  They’ll have people in their contact list who could be a great fit.

If you’ve got the ‘fans’ box ticked, their contacts will get a positive image of a company that is great to work for too.

If you remember the blog on recruitment questions to ask – the best technical recruits come from recommendation.


Technical staff often spend a large part of their working day in front of their computer screens.  What does your organisation’s social media policy say about using social media during working hours?

If you’re worried about people wasting time catching up with their friends and watching cat videos on Facebook, educate them to be a PR team for your company.

There are some companies that people actively want to work for – because they’ve got a great reputation – there always have been.  It used to be word of mouth at professional institute meetings and in the pub (or wine bar) – now this information gets around by social media.

Of course, there need to be rules, but if you don’t trust your employees then there is something seriously wrong.  Let them know that it’s OK to use social media during breaks.  Let them know that you love seeing positive comments about the organisation on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook – and that you’re happy for them to use social media to help the business through their contacts.

Obviously you’ll need to make it quite clear that they must not share anything confidential, but that should all be part of the education project.

So – are your technical team doing their bit for your marketing?

If you’re looking for technically qualified staff, give us a call on 020 3762 2020 and reduce your investment in recruitment – with better results.

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