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Before you pack your bucket and spade

When a new member of staff is taken on there’s a contract to sign – and an important part of that is the holiday allowance.  Unlike our American cousins, who still get only a couple of weeks a year, the holiday entitlement in the UK is part of your statutory rights – and the minimum is 5.6 weeks per year.

That’s 28 days paid holiday if you work a 5 day week – not 4 calendar weeks as you’re assumed to be off at weekends anyway.  That all seems pretty cut and dried – and some employers offer even more days per annum, especially for senior posts.

But there are a few facts that even enlightened employers aren’t aware of; here’s some things that both employers and employees should know:

  • You start accruing your holiday right from day one of employment.
  • When you leave you get paid for any days not taken.
  • Bank holidays and other public holidays can be included in your annual holiday entitlement – there’s nothing that says an employer must pay you for these days outside normal holiday pay.
  • Legally there is no requirement for an employer to pay special rates if you work on a public holiday, unless your contract says otherwise – so read it carefully.
  • The employer can dictate when holiday can be taken. This means that people working in manufacturing may have to take at least some of their annual leave when the plant shuts down.  It also means that holiday can be refused during particularly busy times of year.
  • If you work part time your holiday allowance should be calculated pro-rata – so if you work a 3 day week and the standard holiday at your company is 28 days, you’ll get 16.8 days per annum. Also, if your full time colleagues get additional paid days for bank holidays you should be compensated at the same rate, even if you don’t normally work on a bank holiday.

Holidays are an essential part of working life – staff who don’t take holidays are more likely to suffer from stress-related illnesses and, over time, are less effective.  It’s not a badge of honour to be the last man (or woman) standing!

If you’re looking for top class technical staff at any level you’ll find our team are ready to help with pre-interviewed and scientifically tested candidates; just call 020 3762 2020.

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