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Business needs Technology

Today the idea of running any business without technology is unbelievable.  In fact, if your technology doesn’t work for any reason the entire business can grind to a halt, we are so dependent on the internet and the software we use every day.

When your business is heavily committed to any kind of technology it makes sense that the people in your business that are experts in any aspect of it are at the top of their game.  The trouble is – every organisation is different and has different needs and different ways of using even standard technology.  That means that new staff need to really know their stuff in relation to the technical part of the business so they can concentrate in understanding how your business applies it.

This might sound obvious – but it’s surprising how many new IT staff are found to have only a hazy skills match and take much longer to start becoming really useful as they not only have to understand your company, but also need to get their skills up to scratch.

This kind of scenario costs your business money.  And that’s in addition to the cost of recruitment in the first place.

Whilst the economy may have improved over the past few years nobody wants to take a cavalier attitude to how the hard-earned profits are invested.  It makes sense to get the best deals available – as long as you are comparing like-with-like.

We all know you can buy cheap hardware – but it goes wrong more often and needs replacing sooner.  We all know you can cut the cost of recruitment by avoiding agency fees, but you’ll limit your access to the best candidates who may never know you’re looking, even if you have their ideal job on offer and you’ll waste time interviewing a lot of poor matches.

There is a win-win answer to this issue.  If you use a full service agency for your IT staff you’ll cut the cost of recruitment – AND get access to a wide range of potential candidates.  In addition, you won’t waste management time interviewing unsuitable candidates as every IT candidate will come fully tested and interviewed to match your company culture.

This means you’ll only have a handful of perfectly matched candidates to interview and then it’s simply a case of deciding who is the right fit.

If this sounds like Utopia – it’s well within your grasp; just call us on 020 3762 2020 – that’s exactly what Edison Hill do for our clients.

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