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Finding Round Pegs

Growing companies need the right staff with the right skills to help them to grow and deliver what their clients expect and want.

Finding people that fit not only technical skill requirements, but who also fit into the team well is always a challenge.  A good recruitment process is critical – but also time consuming and, often, costly too.

This is how we help our clients – reducing both time and cost of recruitment.

Case Study

We have worked with one company for several years and their team has grown from 13 people to 54 in just four years.  Because of the business they’re in most of their staff are technical and finding the right staff whilst looking after clients and growing the business brought them to us to solve their recruitment headaches.

The MD commented “Our service takes away our clients burden in relation to their technology; Edison Hill takes the same approach to recruitment.”  He went on to point out the parallels between the two companies.

“We may be experts in what we do, but we cannot claim to be experts in what they [Edison Hill] do.  They made it their business to understand ours and have applied a high level of expertise and professionalism to meet our recruitment needs.  They really do ‘go the extra mile’ and are very flexible in their approach, which is refreshing.”

Our ability to understand the technical specifications means that finding the right candidate with the technical skills – even for obscure roles – give the results the client needs with a much higher success rate than traditional recruitment.

Although we do offer a replacement at no cost if a candidate doesn’t work out in their first six months – we haven’t had to do this yet!

The fact that we interview candidates and do all the technical testing to ensure they’re competent for the role means that our client only interviews the cream of the crop.  We’re pleased that our client appreciates the results, as they said “We know we can rely on Edison Hill to rise to the challenge of finding permanent or contract staff with the right skills, just when we need them.  As well as having the skills and approach we like, Edison Hill is highly competitive in terms of fees.”

Although we’re blowing our own trumpet a little, we like to know that our clients value the service they get too!

Give us a call on 0203 762 2021 if you’d like this kind of service too.

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