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From a candidate’s viewpoint…

It’s clear that there are real advantages to the employer in having only qualified and tested candidates to interview, but what are the benefits for the candidate?

If you’re looking for a new role it’s tempting to list all the technical skills you have any experience in, but employers and recruiters tend to be suspicious of a long and varied list as it looks like you’re a jack-of-all-trades – and master of none!  Being a specialist is much more desirable, but if you’ve been in your current position for a while it can be hard to assess how your skill level stacks up against other candidates.

A technical skills assessment will establish what level your core skills are at and which of your skills need a bit of polishing.  If you have aspirations to particular roles that require specific skills it’s a great way to identify any training needs and work on upgrading the technical knowledge you need.

Conducting a technical assessment, either remotely online or in person at our City of London offices, is something that we ask all our candidates to do, so it doesn’t cost you anything and has some serious benefits:

  • If you’re just exploring the marketplace you could end up with serious leverage to talk to your current employer about a salary increase and promotion. With proven skills you’ve got a strong position to start from.
  • When your skills have been assessed it means you will only be attending interviews that you KNOW you’re a good match for. This is a great confidence booster, which usually means you’ll come over even better during the interview.
  • You’ll save time and money by not having to attend interviews where there is no hope of you being successful.
  • You’re much more likely to find your ideal job, quickly and to be successful at interview (we only send two or three technically assessed candidates to interview).

If you’re thinking of moving on, don’t play roulette with your career; shorten the odds so you are making yourself the favourite to win your dream job.

To arrange your free, no obligation, technical online assessment contact or call 020 3762 2020.

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