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Grow Your Team’s Skills

Job descriptions or role profiles are often created for a role and then don’t change for years – despite the fact that the organisation is continually evolving and the objectives change from year to year and month to month.

The technical skills that were essential last year may now be less important and displaced my new requirements.  Does that mean that you have to fire all your tech team and recruit new people?  No, but it does mean that you should stay up-to-speed with the current skills inventory and ensure appropriate development takes place.

If you don’t know what individual members of your team are capable of it’s hard to deliver top quality results.  Knowing what they have been able to do so far doesn’t help, if new projects requiring new skills have come along.

The way to ensure you have a consistently top-performing team is to run regular technical tests paired with appropriate training.

Technical testing is far from a black and white solution.  It’s not a case of take this test and you either pass or fail; a good technical assessment is adaptive and questions are weighted as the test progresses depending on the candidates ability level.

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ test either.  There is a whole range of tests even for a single technology. For instance, there are 12 sub-categories of Java tests, so the test can be honed to meet a very specific set of needs.

Even then, the questions offer levels of competence.  Typically a test will have 5 options for each questions; one will be the perfect solution, but there may be others that are ‘kind-of’ correct.  This helps to identify where there is a level of skill that just needs polishing.

Imagine a scenario where you’ve got a team who have been working on a project for the past year or so and now it’s coming to an end.  There are new projects being developed, but they’ll need different technical skills.  How do you decide who to retrain, who to develop and who to let go?

A technical test for all your technical staff can be created to match your projects’ specifications so you know who are your star-performers, who needs some training to get up-to-speed and who needs to start polishing up their CVs!

Technical testing isn’t just for recruiting the right people, it’s a fantastic tool to develop your team’s skills, it’s excellent to identify potential for promotion and identify who could be trained up so your succession plan is robust.

As you can create a bespoke test you can reveal exactly where the potential lies in your organisation.  Think of it as being able to see the seam of gold running through your company.

Give us a call on 0203 762 2020 to find out how this could give your organisation a valuable boost.

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