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How to choose a recruitment agency

The difference between an agency who understands your organisation and sends you really good candidates for interview and an agency who just logs the vacancy and sends along any candidate who are roughly in the right ballpark can be measured in £s!

Middle of the road high street agencies probably charge slightly lower fees – but waste huge amounts of your time (and cost the company money) in sifting through CVs that aren’t a good enough match – and even interviewing people who turn out not to be up to the job.

So how do you ensure you make the right agency choice?

Due diligence!  Invest time in checking potential agencies out.

  • Look at their websites.
  • Take a look at the key personnel’s social media profiles (particularly LinkedIn).
  • Meet the person who drives the agency – you’ll be buying into their ethos.

Ask good questions about:

  • How they find candidates
  • Who they already work for regularly
  • What kind of vacancies they fill
  • How they approach hard-to-fill roles
  • What kind of lead times from vacancy placed to candidates being submitted is normal
  • What networks do they use to find active and passive candidates

Discuss their processes and look for an agency that values relationships above being glued to the ‘rules’.  The right agency will work with you, not for you and will be flexible, innovative and creative in coming up with solutions to your recruitment challenges.

When you find the right partner get their input on the kind of brief they need to get you first class candidates.  Remember it’s a partnership and the more specific you are about what you want, the better they’ll be able to deliver candidates that will become an asset to your organisation.

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