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Is recruitment an endless task?

How long do your staff stay in your organisation? If they’re constantly moving on and you feel like the recruitment process is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge – it’s time to take a step back and discover why they’re leaving.

Firstly – unless you’re paying way below the market rate, it’s almost certainly NOT to do with pay. It’s been proven time and time again that most staff’s number one priority is not the salary.

In the majority of cases the reason for people moving on is that nebulous thing known as ‘job satisfaction’.

This can mean different things to different people.

Future possibilities: People like to see there’s a career path ahead of them. Even those at junior level want to feel their potential will be noticed and rewarded with promotion or more responsibilities.

Community: Most people like to feel they work among ‘friends’. If there’s a negative atmosphere in the workplace, people don’t stay around for long. If you’re going to spend eight hours a day somewhere you want to enjoy being there. What do you do to make your place a pleasure to work in?

Good management: A good manager nurtures his or her people. They know what is important to each person and what’s going on in their team. They appreciate and recognise effort and achievements – and their staff like working for them. That doesn’t mean they’re a pushover – but poor management is a common problem – and reason for leaving. Make sure your managers get training in management.

That means flexi-hours, remote working and the ability to create a flexible working environment that allows for family commitments, without work necessarily suffering. This is no long the preserve of working Mums – working Dads play just as important a role in the home today and with both partners working being able to deliver results without having to be present in the office is appreciated.

If you’ve ticked all these boxes perhaps you do need to examine your rewards package. Is it just a salary or are there other benefits – a crèche, gym membership, holiday scheme, private healthcare, generous pension? These are all part of your employee feeling valued.

If you’ve addressed all these and, perhaps, have made some adjustments you’ll almost certainly find you need to recruit less often and retain your best staff.

When you want to ensure that you get the best qualified IT staff call us on 020 3762 2020 – and then it’s up to you to ensure they want to stay.

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