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Edison Hill

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

HR Magazine’s latest revelation is that 63% of people tell lies on their CV.  This worrying statistic is on the rise and the most guilty age group are the ‘young professionals’ in the 25-32 age group.

‘Apprentice’ becomes ‘Supervisor’; ‘Intern’ becomes ‘Manager’; two years of experience becomes three and so on.  Qualifications are fudged, skills embellished and academic background enhanced.  The survey wasn’t based on just a handful of CVs, but on 3,000, so this is more than just a storm in a teacup.

What does this mean to employers?

To be sure you really are recruiting the right person you need to do a thorough check on anyone you consider for employment.  That means checking with previous employers to validate positions, length of employment, etc. and also with qualifying bodies to check that qualifications are real.

It’s sad to say, but creating a realistic looking certificate is all too easy with today’s software applications, so even seeing certificated evidence is no guarantee of validity.

With technical staff checking skills levels is highly complex and, if you’re going on reported evidence, very subjective.

The challenge is that you can interview many people to get a shortlist – and checking everyone out prior to interview is going to be prohibitively time-consuming.  It’s just not practical.

It seems like an impasse; you have two choices – invest time in interviewing lots of potential matches only to discover during the interview that they’re not what they appeared to be, or invest time in checking everyone out prior to interview.  You know that’s unlikely to happen.

There is a third way – get someone else to do the checking and only interview candidates that meet all your requirements, are skills tested to the level needed and have their records checked.  This isn’t as difficult as it might seem, at the risk of blowing our own trumpet, that’s what we’ve been doing for our clients for some years.

We only do this for technical staff – that’s our specialism – and every candidate that is submitted for interview has been technically tested for the skills specified on their CVs, interviewed and checked out.  There are two advantages for you as an employer:

  • You know that every candidate you interview has already been checked out, so their CV is accurate.
  • You don’t need to interview many candidates – you’ll only be offered people who match all your essential requirements.

No guessing games, no need for detective work during the interview process, no wasted time interviewing unsuitable candidates. Give us a call on 020 3762 2020 and change the way you recruit forever.

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