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Pain-killers for Recruiting Contract Staff

Fast growing technology-based businesses are always trying to balance staff requirements and cash flow; it’s a major headache.

You need staff to grow the business, but the last thing you need is someone sitting around waiting for the new business to appear. The problem is that, when that business does appear, the time it takes to find the right people can simply take too long to deliver what your new clients are expecting.

That’s just one problem!

Since the credit crunch companies are much more diligent in running credit checks on their suppliers and clients. Most recruitment agencies won’t work with a company that doesn’t have a solid credit record. If you’re a new business, that’s not always possible.

That’s problem number two.

With technical staff you need people who are competent in their specialisms – there’s no time or wriggle room for people to learn on the job; they need to hit the ground running. With temporary and contracting staff that’s even more important, especially if you’re hiring on a project-by-project basis.

Yet another headache.

If you’re recruiting without agency help you’ve probably got a network of people you know who can do what you need; but what happens when they’re all busy, already working elsewhere or just not available when you need them?

Do you resort to ODesk, Elance or PPH and join the lottery to get competent people for peanuts? You know what they say about paying peanuts … is your client relationship worth risking?

So where is this pain-killer for all these headaches?

Margin-only. You give us the brief, we’ll find candidates, test them, check their references and deliver them to you for final assessment.

You engage them directly, you pay them, you’re in control. We simply invoice you monthly (in arrears) for our margin ONLY, at a percentage that is typically around half the cost of traditional agency temp fees.

There are no disputes over timesheets, no long term contracts or minimum terms, total control, no issues about positive credit records (although we do carry out due diligence before working with clients, we live in the real world) and no recruits who turn out to be duds. We can provide you with templates for contracts if you don’t already have them and we’ll always be just a phone call away to iron out any teething problems.

It might sound too good to be true, but it IS true. Give us a call on 020 3762 2020 and let us get rid of your headaches.

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