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Planning for the Future

You know your technical staff can do the jobs they’ve been employed to do, but how do you build your future team and keep good staff from moving on to a ‘better’ job elsewhere?

Technical assessments have several applications apart from ensuring new hires have reasonable levels of the required skills.

  • At annual review time technical staff will benefit from a technical assessment to assess whether they are maintaining or improving their skill levels and reward them accordingly.
  • When there’s a position higher up the ladder technical assessments will ensure that the person selected for the role is able to fulfil it and what skills they will need to add.
  • As new projects come along technical skill assessments will identify skill gaps and give you the information on what training needs to be done.
  • When planning for succession as senior staff move on the technical assessment can be used to create a profile and then develop the right people to meet the requirements.
  • If you want to keep good staff ensuring they have the opportunity to develop is critical and a regular technical assessment will ensure that their training needs are identified and can be addressed. This is often a really good retention strategy as people can see career progression.

Modern technical assessments are highly efficient and totally thorough and can be tailored to specific roles with specified skills.  You can carry them out online or in a classroom so they’re very flexible for both company and the person being tested.

Knowing exactly what your IT team are really good at and where they need help will make sure they are operating at maximum productivity.

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