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Quality v. Quantity

When you are looking to fill a role in your organisation you want the right person in place.  The right skills, the right technical expertise and the right personality fit for your organisation’s culture and for the team the new employee will be working in.  It’s not an easy task to find that perfect match.

How do you find the perfect match for your team? Let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment:

What happens if you don’t get the perfect match and end up with someone who is OK, but needs some training to get up to speed?  Or if the person you recruit is going to take a while to adapt their technical knowledge to a new environment (or get their old skills out of storage and polish them up a bit).  Or if they don’t ‘get’ how the organisation ticks.

They may all be problems that can be overcome, but at what cost?

It’s comparable to that old cliché ‘If we had some bacon we could have bacon and eggs for breakfast – if we had any eggs.’  It’s all going to be a compromise and the organisation will not be performing at its best – every small cog makes a difference to outcomes.

So – if you want to find the very best match who can hit the ground running you don’t want to end up with the best of a mediocre bunch of candidates.

The temptation might now be to explore as many sources of candidates as possible – place the brief with half a dozen agencies, put the role up on as many job boards as possible and maybe do some press ads.

This is all very time-consuming and the results are likely to be mixed.  You’ll get a lot of people who are roughly a match, quite a few who are hoping they can ‘wing it’ through an interview (there are even some who think they can ‘wing’ a technical test!) and, if you’re very, very lucky one or two serious contenders.

The problem is that there is a limit to how much information you can get into a press ad, how detailed a job board post can be and how much time an agency can afford to spend with you understanding the brief thoroughly.

This is where quality wins out over quantity – an exclusive agreement with a full-service agency ensures that they will invest time in discussing your needs so they really understand exactly what you’re looking for.  They will have access to many people who are not currently looking at job vacancies, but could be exactly what you want – and may be willing to move for the right package.

The other advantage of a full service agency is that technical skills are thoroughly tested before the candidate is even put forward for interview.  Again this depends on the depth of discussion during the briefing process to understand exactly what levels of skills are required.

In addition, candidates are usually pre-interviewed so, effectively you only get to interview a well-matched short list.  No duds, no time-wasters, no chancers – just candidates who match your requirements and can step into the role like a perfectly fitting glove.

So what are you looking for – quality or quantity?  If it’s the former, please give us a call on 020 3762 2020.

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