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Testing, Testing

When someone is trying to check their microphone is working, they often say ‘testing, testing’ – followed by a sigh of relief when their voice booms back at them. When someone is trying to ensure the people they are recruiting can meet the technical requirements of the role, it’s a bit more complicated!

  • Microphone You can ask the candidate – and they can assure you they can carry out the work, but without actually carrying out a test, how can you possibly be sure?
  • You can carry out an in-house test – but then you’ll need someone to set it, someone to manage it and someone to assess the results. That can be time consuming and not always as scientific as you’d like. If the test setter isn’t experienced in this area the test may not provide conclusive results.
  • You can brief an agency and expect them to vet the candidates. They may do this, but how do they vet technical ability? It’s usually by asking the candidate!

It’s all very subjective – what’s a ‘good level of competency’ in a particular programming language? What constitutes ‘experienced’ in technical authorship? How deep is an ‘in-depth understanding’ of technical maintenance protocols?

Every different technical specialism requires equally specialised tests.

The good news is coming …

There are such tests available online.

However, you do need access to all the correct tests for each role and the licences to carry them out. Needless to say there’s a cost involved in that and you really need to be recruiting large numbers of people to justify these.

So maybe that’s not such good news!

So what if you could access these tests and only interview candidates who had passed all the right tests at a defined and measurable level – without any additional fees?

This is not a wind up – that’s exactly what Edison Hill does offer. Every candidate we put forward for a technical vacancy has successfully completed technical tests that validate everything they have on their CV. They’re also interviewed personally by one of our team, so we’ve got a pretty good idea if they’re right fit for the client. This cuts down interviewing time down dramatically as, effectively, you’re only doing a final interview – all the unsuitable candidates simply never reach you.

Perhaps this will change the way you recruit for technical vacancies forever.Give us a call on 020 3762 2020 to discover more about the full agency service.

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