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Edison Hill

The Technical Interviews Checklist

Before embarking on an interviewing campaign for a specific job role the smart interviewer will be able to tick all these boxes:

  • CVs reviewed thoroughly – Skills and experience matched to role requirements
  • Employment gaps identified
  • Qualifications and international equivalents checked
  • Questions arising from CV listed
  • Technical tests organised; what tests will be applied, who will oversee these
  • Facilities for testing booked and assessors notified and booked
  • Decide if tests come before or after interview, on the same day or a different day/location/online, etc.
  • Interview room booked
  • Interview panel/managers booked
  • Candidates sent interview appointment and location details
  • Job description/role profile to hand for reference (has this been sent out to candidates?)
  • Questions to establish experience listed
  • Questions to explore problem solving approach listed
  • Questions to discover attitude and personality type listed
  • Outline of career plan – training possibilities, future opportunities available
  • Interview process laid out and, if more than one interviewer, specific aspects assigned
  • Assessment criteria agreed and all involved in the interview process advised of these.

Now you’re ready to interview your candidates with a rigorous process that will not only stand up to scrutiny, but will deliver the best possible candidate for your needs.

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