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Edison Hill

The world is your oyster

As technology spans the globe, technically qualified people come from almost every nationality. As the majority of vacancies find their way online it’s likely that you could have applications from Australia to Zanzibar and every country in between!

There is a great deal written about the quality of work delivered by third world countries, even about the difference between a UK degree and a US degree, so how do you assess the qualifications that appear on the CV of your global candidates?

This applies whether a candidate is currently resident in the country where the job is located or if they’re in another country and are applying remotely. Given that technical work often lends itself to virtual teams, it may be that someone could even be taken on without the requirement of attending an in-person interview. It’s not unheard of to conduct interviews via online devices such as Skype or meeting software like GoToMeeting.

Previous experience may appear to be the same, but a technical support supervisor in Manchester may not have the same responsibilities as one in Milwaukee, Manila, Mumbai or Minsk. There’s a minefield to pick your way through and it can be tempting to specify that only UK experience and qualifications will be accepted. The issue of discrimination then raises its ugly head and, whichever way you go, you lose!

At the end of the day the key criteria are – can this person fulfil the technical requirements of the job and will they fit into our team?

Scientific technical tests for the specific skills required will fulfil the first criteria and a robust interviewing process, whether face-to-face or via online video link, will establish the second one.

With technical skills people can either do the job – or they can’t. Finding out that their skills are hazy after employing them is an expensive exercise. If you’d like to ensure that you only interview technically qualified candidates, talk to us about carrying out targeted tests before you interview your chosen candidates – no matter where in the world they come from.

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