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What can you expect from an IT Recruiter?

It may seem obvious – you want them to give you suitable IT candidates to interview – but there are vast differences in what you get depending on the recruitment agency you choose.

Before you choose an agency consider what’s on offer:

Low fixed fee

It’s tempting to go for this option, it seems a good way to keep recruiting costs down, but low costs usually mean low service levels.  Low fees are only charged if the effort that goes into finding candidates is also low.  IT recruitment agencies that charge low fees, but invest a lot of time in delivering results quickly go out of business!

Low fees usually indicate more of a CV forwarding service.  You’ll pay your fee up front, get lots of choice, but no guarantees that any of the candidates can deliver technical skills at the levels you need.  Actual costs typically spiral as you’ll almost certainly end up interviewing quite a number of unsuitable candidates, who look good on paper, but can’t perform technically.

Standard IT recruitment agencies

These agencies will advertise on your behalf, do key word searches and look at any CVs they have on file that tick the right boxes for your technical requirements.  Hopefully, they will at least have a telephone conversation with potential candidates, but there’s no guarantee of that.

The challenge for these agencies is that they have to take whatever the potential candidate says at face value.  If the candidate says they are experienced with the Microsoft SQL Server Database, they have to take their word for it.

Sometimes a candidate may have a surface level knowledge, but included it because ‘it looks good on the CV’.  Unless the recruiter knows the right questions to ask there is no way of knowing at what level that candidate’s technical ability lies.

It’s unlikely that even a technically qualified IT recruiter will have sufficient knowledge of ALL the various technical skills to be able to ask those questions.

You’ll end up interviewing more candidates than you need to, simply because, until you test them, you don’t know how good (or not) they are.

Full service IT recruitment

This service operates differently.  Candidates are resourced from an existing pool of candidates, online talent, referrals and head hunting.  They are then matched to your vacancy by undergoing thorough technical testing in all the key technical skills.  These tests will create reports that identify at what level are the candidate’s skills.  Each candidate is also interviewed personally by one of our team of experts.

Only when they’ve successfully completed these stages are their CVs submitted for you to consider.

This means you won’t get lots of CVs to go through, only the two or three that are a perfect match for your vacancy.

Before you place your vacancy do check what kind of service is being offered.

As you might expect Edison Hill offers the full service IT recruitment service – with a six month guarantee of a replacement if your first choice leaves or isn’t suitable; with no additional fees.  If you’d like to find out more please call us on 020 3762 2020.

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