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Edison Hill

When a Techie Resigns…

In an ideal world your best technical staff will stay with you through thick and thin – or at least until the end of a project, but often that isn’t the case and a key member of the team decides to move on.  This is the point where you have some choices to make:

  • Struggle on with the remaining team and try and cover what needs doing
  • Get a contractor in to get the project finished and then worry about whether to recruit someone new
  • Send the job description (or competency outline or role profile) to all the agencies you know and hope they’ll find a good match for you
  • Advertise in the industry press and allocate admin resources to manage the applications, create interview lists, organise interview facilities, invite people for interviews, set up technical tests, etc. etc.

The first two options are going to challenge the entire team to either take on more work or invest time in helping a temporary contractor to get up to speed – even supposing they are up to scratch.

The second two options will gobble up a massive amount of time in reviewing applications and interviewing.  It’s sad to say that you often discover that your technical tests reveal many candidates who simply can’t do the job, because their CVs are aspirational rather than actual in relation to skill range and level!

Sending out the existing job description can also be a mistake, especially if the person leaving has been with you for a long time.  Roles evolve and what was accurate even as little as a year ago can be very different from what the role entails today.

In an ideal world …

You have an accurate outline of the current role requirements, make one phone call and interview two or three extremely well-matched candidates.

This isn’t Utopia!  It’s entirely possible and this is how to achieve this – here’s how:

When you receive the resignation of your current technical team member arrange an exit interview.  This has a number of benefits:

  • You find out why they’re leaving giving you valuable information to address any internal issues that could result in others resigning.
  • You have an opportunity to ask them about the current demands of the role to rejig the job description accurately.
  • If managed well, it makes the employee who is leaving feel that the company values them so they go away with a positive experience.

Call one agency that will deliver potential staff who are matched for skills and can be assessed for ‘fit’ with your organisation.  That means you only need to interview a few candidates who are guaranteed to be a good match – all you need to do is to pick the one that you prefer.

This eliminates the hours (and days) that recruitment takes and ensures that the new recruit will hit the ground running.  Of course, there will still be an induction period, but with a good fit it’s much shorter and won’t involve any skills gaps that need to be addressed.

It won’t come as a surprise that the number you need to call is 020 3762 2020 – and we’ll deliver candidates guaranteed to match your technical specification.  All candidates have already completed technical tests and have been interviewed to ensure their skills are robust and they’re a good fit for your team.

When a resignation lands on your desk you know what to do!

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