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You’re more than a CV. You deserve more than a job.

You’re more than a CV. You deserve more than a job.

With 35 years sector experience, our consultants have developed personal relationships with hiring managers in the companies you want to work for. If you’re looking to take your IT career to the next level, you’ve come to the right place.

We know you are tired of pushy IT consultants, which is why we’re different. We’re sector specialists, we’ve built our business by forming lasting relationships with people like you.

We also understand that when it comes to your career, you want more than just a job: you want an opportunity that will enable you to develop your skills, whilst working in an area you’re passionate about.

Whether you’re actively looking for your next job or simply weighing up your options, you’ll find Edison Hill is perfectly placed to help you achieve your goals.


Visit our career suite to get access to a comprehensive set of guides that will support you with everything you need, from writing a stand-out CV, to handling your resignation.


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