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Testimonials Edison Hill
Anatoli Gochkov

Outstanding service! I will recommend Edison Hill all day long to whoever looking for job. They will not let you down!

Testimonials Edison Hill
Duarte Aragão

The service they provided was amazing, thank you Warren for all your patience during my process

Testimonials Edison Hill
Peter Brooker

If you’re looking for either career options yourself or to bring great people into your IT or Development teams contact them. You won’t be disappointed.

Testimonials Edison Hill
Michael Dytch

This man is professional and unlike other agents he actually follows up and does what he says. I will be recommending this company to lots of job seekers from now on.

Testimonials Edison Hill
Maria Homer

Very happy with my experience with Chris. He was very friendly and extremely efficient. I will definitely recommend Edison Hill to anyone I meet who is looking for a career in IT.

Testimonials Edison Hill

Very smooth and professional service with Warren, was very knowledgeable of the company I was interviewing with and the people I was meeting. Honest and straight up from the start. All in all, a brilliant service.

Testimonials Edison Hill
Dragos Pisaroc

I felt like they invested a lot of time and energy when they were representing me. I definitely recommend their services.

Testimonials Edison Hill
Alex Hitchins

I've worked with Edison Hill for many years now, as a candidate and also as a recruitment agent for teams I've run. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them and they remain my first point of call for all aspects of recruitment.