The average UK IT salary is ?47,500, but this will depend on several key factors including position, location, skill set and experience. The average starting salary is ?20K, increasing to ?25K for a graduate. At the top end, CTOs can earn ?200K+ per annum.

    A wrong hire in your IT Department could cost your business a lot of time and money. The damage an inexperienced person can do to your systems or software could be irreplaceable or adopting an incorrect IT strategy cost you thousands.

    The IT job market is continuously growing, and there is a shortage of good staff across all level and in all sectors. Specific skills currently in demand include Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Full Stack Developers.

    You need to take a strategic approach to ensure you recruit the right staff.? An in-depth job spec plus technical and aptitude assessments will help you recruit the right people.

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