How To Create a Compelling Job Description

One of the first things your potential new employee will see is your Job Description or Job Advert. First impressions count. So how do you write a job description that will get the best candidates hitting apply?

  • Make sure you are really clear about why you are making the hire and what skills you want to bring in. If someone is leaving this could be a great opportunity to upskill the team, do not just write a like-for-like description.
  • Sit down with the tech team and discuss what skills are lacking, what skills might be useful going forward in terms of new projects and what sort of person would best fit the culture. Make sure you hire for what you need now and for the future, not what you needed in the past.
  • Sell on the opportunity. A Ruby developer is not going to be inspired by ?this is the chance to code in Ruby?. Talk about what the future might be like for them within the company, what kind of progression is available? Who will they be working with? What skills could they learn? What are the great things about working at your company? These are all motivators for people to move on, make sure this info is front and forward.
  • Include information on the stack you are currently using and hope to use. List any best practice such as BDD, TDD, Pair Programming and Peer Review. If they don?t already have these skills will they get a chance to learn them? Are these skills you would like to bring to the team?
  • Make it personal. What will they be doing on a day to day basis? Make it about them not just about the company.
  • Tell them about the team, and culture of the company. Are they quiet, headphones on get on with it or passionate and loud, with lively scrums? Is there lots of socialisation or tend to keep to themselves. This helps a candidate see if they will be happy working with you.
  • Remember to state the salary, recruitment process and timelines, location and any share options and benefits, work from home etc. Do you have a casual dress code, offer flexi-time, have a beer fridge, foosball table, break out areas, the best view in London? Mention it.
  • List the main technologies you need, with the most important ones at the top. Make sure to be clear which are essential, and which are not

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